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Competition Iron Shot | Various Weight Options | Great For High School


Regulation shot guaranteed to meet specifications and weigh-in.

  • Great for high school competition and practice.
  • Priced to fit your budget.

Shot Selection Criteria:

What to know before you order.
Determining the correct diameter is based on the fingers being in proper throwing position. In order to obtain proper fitting of the shot to your athlete:

1. Analyze finger length--it's critical. Shot must rest on the pad (callus) of the palm, and fingers must be placed up the side of the shot. Throwers with "shorter" fingers may prefer the smaller diameter shot and believe it feels better at delivery. Athletes with longer fingers may feel more comfortable with the larger diameter.
2. The final decision is the thrower's personal choice. Coaches may need to provide 2-3 diameters (sizes) to provide the best fit for the whole team. Bio mechanically speaking, the larger shots have a greater contact area and push zone.