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Multi-Domes | Set of 6 | 9" Diameter x 5" High | ABS Plastic


Multi-Domes are 9" diameter x 5" high fillable domes.

  • They're constructed of hockey-stick-tough ABS plastic to withstand rugged institutional use.
  • They're light when empty (1 lb.), or very stable and sturdy "mini" game standards when sand filled (up to 12 lbs.). How heavy they become is up to you and your intended use.
  • They have horizontal slots to hold all standard and no-kink hula hoops (3/4" to 1 1/4" dia.), as well as wands.
  • Positioned in the middle of the horizontal slot is a center hole which allows Multi-Domes to become many types of game standards.
  • Use Multi-Domes for more than two dozen uses and practical equipment pieces.
  • We're sure you'll find Multi-Domes the most versatile physical education product ever.
  • Set includes one of each color.