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200 Disposable Nitrile Latex-Free Safety Gloves

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The Precision Grip Nitrile Exam Gloves are some of our best sellers. These LATEX-FREE gloves are the ideal choice for medical and laboratory use as well as industries where hand protection is required. Strong, yet soft and flexible, these gloves are comfortable for extended wear purposes. They offer unsurpassed tactile sensitivity, dexterity, flexibility and tensile strength in both wet and dry environments. Latex gloves available here.

  • Powder Free, with a beaded cuff for easy donning.
  • Ambidextrous gloves are nine inches in length with micro-textured fingers for secure wet/dry handling.
  • Applications: Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Industrial, Safety.
  • Sold as a set of 2 Boxes (100 Gloves per box).

Nitrile vs Latex Gloves

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound that is commonly used as a disposable glove material. Its been around for awhile but has only recently started to become more affordable.

  • Pros
    • Higher puncture resistance (Than Latex or Vinyl)
    • Higher chemical resistance (Than Latex or Vinyl)
    • Fewer allergy issues
  • Cons
    • Price
    • Lower Biodegradability
    • Lower Flexibility

Latex comes directly from rubber trees. Latex gloves are the most commonly used disposable gloves because they have been the only strong disposable glove material option on the market. However, now many hospitals and clinics have begun replacing their latex gloves with nitrile gloves.

  • Pros
    • Cheaper
    • Flexible
    • Higher Biodegradability
  • Cons
    • Allergy issues
    • Lower Puncture and Chemical resistance (vs Nitrile)

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