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4-Way Multipull Tug-of-War Rope | Cooperation & Competition


4-Way multi-pull pull-lines are for a choice of cooperation or competition pulling with or against the other groups.

  • Developing a team plan and beginning the pull then reacting to the other teams as they respond to you and your team.
  • In a more competitive setting, players pull as hard as possible to beat the other teams.
  • PowerPull 4-Way has 20 double loops for two handed balanced pulls or 40 one hand pull-loops for large group teamwork pulls.
  • PowerPull is teamwork & cooperation at its best teacher.
  • PowerPull is a Fun, finale type activity, exhausting and emotionally climaxing product.
  • PowerPull 4-Way is designed and manufactured to be injury free pulling for players.
  • If you want team building, team development and team motivation.