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American Pro Horseshoe Set | Solid Steel Construction


Made in the USA and designed by a World Champion horseshoe pitcher.

  • Its unique shape and trademark design make it superior to other horseshoes.
  • Made from solid steel with more weight forged into the tips for maximum balance and control.
  • Tapered leading edge allows the shoe to slide onto the stake, longer tips grab the stake for more ringers, a ringer breaker to rotate the shoe and lock in ringers, and a finger positioner to help hold the shoe like the Pros.
  • Ideal for leagues, clubs, parks, institutions and serious players.
  • Includes 4 forged steel horseshoes, 2 solid steel stakes (24"), official rulebook and easy to carry plastic tote.
  • NHPA approved.
  • NOTE: Not to be used by anyone under age 13. Adult supervision required.