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CanDo® 24 in. Core Stability Balance Disc

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Athletes can work to improve their posture and core stability by exercising with this CanDo® 24 in. Balance Disc. Offering similar benefits as a stability ball, this balance disc lets users perform lower back and abdominal exercises while sitting, kneeling or lying down for a versatile experience. Athletes will be calm and focused during every movement thanks to the soothing tactile surface. This balance disc can be inflated easily with a standard foot or hand air pump (not included), so it'll be ready for gym class in no time.

  • Lets athletes work out their lower backs, abs and spinal muscles while promoting core stability and posture
  • Users can enjoy a varied workout, since the disc allows sitting, kneeling and lying-down exercise positions
  • Tactile surface delivers a calming feel while boosting concentration
  • Inflates with a standard foot or hand air pump (not included)
  • Capable of supporting up to 450 lb.


  • Activity: Aerobics, Cardio, Training
  • Product Type: Balance disc
  • Product Use/Compatibility: Fitness classes, recreational centers


  • Promotes core stability and provides many of the same benefits of a stability ball while performing lower back and abdominal exercises
  • Support and challenge the spinal muscles while enhancing posture
  • The tactile surface has been shown to enhance calmness and concentration
  • Perform exercises while sitting, kneeling, or lying on top of the disc for dynamic stabilization training