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Champion Barbell Work Out Bar

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If you can’t make time to go to the gym, no problem! You can still get your workout in, and you don’t have to buy extensive or expensive equipment to get the job done. With the Champion Barbell Reactor Work Out Bar, you have the luxury of working out at home with one simple bar. No weight plates required.

Each Reactor Work Out Bar is 48 inches long and covered with rubber coated foam. The foam covering allows for easy grip during exercises. The bar is available in 6 different color-coded weights ranging from 4 pounds to 18 pounds. They are easily stored and transported. Anywhere you have the space to stretch out can easily become your own personal workout area.

  • 48" long weighted steel bars
  • Rubber coated foam covers bars for easy grip while exercising
  • Great for incorporating into squats, lunges, dead lifts, bicep curls and dead rows
  • Color coded sizes for easy identification