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Curve-A-BeamTM | 2' x 4.5" Sections | Easy To Configure


12 feet of flowing, curvy balance fun in a beam design so flexible you can configure 15 balance challenges!

  • Each of the sections is 2 feet long x 4.5" wide.
  • Ends can be laid tightly together or connected with unbreakable plastic plugs that insert into the ends.
  • Easy to configure and connect.
  • Made of institutional-tough, tear-resistant Ethafoam for years of use.
  • Each beam includes a pictorial guide with all the "known" designs.
  • Sold in sets of six colors (1 ea. red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple).
  • Check out the StarterBeam straight sections
  • BeamDocks sold separately. See OSGY492P