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Ground Zero 1" Onside Kickoff Tee | Professional Onside Kicks

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Let the Ground Zero 1" Kicking Tee hold the ball right without being an obstruction. Utilized in the last eight Super Bowls and by every NFL team. Onside kick feature also included. Many say kickoffs are one of the most important aspects of the game. Therefore, you need to demand your equipment is up to speed, and this 1" heavy-duty black rubber Ground Zero 1" Kicking Tee is just what is needed for practice and games.

  • 1" Onside Kickoff Tee
  • Authentic Ground Zero Tee
  • Most popular college football kicking tee
  • The textured top surface, makes gripping the ball more securely
  • Forward rectangular recess holds the ball at an optimal angle
  • Special notch supports the football with its tip on the ground for onside and squib kicks
  • Heavy duty black rubber tee
  • Used by NFL Super Bowl teams