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Hi-Lo Air Scoop Ball Game

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Kids can enjoy some backyard excitement or work their way up to becoming lacrosse stars with this US Games Fun-Air Scoop Ball Set. This fun game consists of two players using the handheld scoops to throw and catch the included softball-size fun ball, mimicking the actions made by lacrosse athletes. While little ones get into the spirit of the game, the quick reflexes required for success help boost their hand-eye coordination. With bright designs, the scoops are sure to add a splash of color to any gym class or activity center.

  • Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination in young athletes
  • Can be used to get children interested in pursuing lacrosse
  • Comes with a softball-size fun ball to throw and catch with the handheld scoops
  • Available with a pair of pink and green scoops and one white ball
  • Also available as a prism pack with two scoops and one ball each of blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow
  • Brand: US Games


  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination
  • Use as a lead-up to lacrosse activities
  • Complete set of two throwing scoops and a softball sized fun ball