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Steel Infield Drag Mat | Field Maintenance


Level the infield for a look that's ready for the majors with the Steel Drag Mat, which allows groundskeepers to smooth uneven surfaces and prepare for each game and practice of the baseball season. Moving smoothly over uneven terrain, the mat is structured with small mesh squares and crevices that tackle bumpy surfaces that could hinder movement around the base path. Know that the playing field will always be ready for runners to round the bases thanks to the mat's galvanized steel construction, which holds up through season after season.

  • Galvanized steel construction handles tough jobs on infield year after year
  • Levels dirt on the baseball diamond for a groomed playing surface
  • Long drag bar supports the front of the mat, so it keeps its shape as it's pulled across the base path
  • Included pull rope attaches the drag to a piece of lawn equipment
  • Lattice-style design ensures that all uneven surfaces are smoothed over


  • Color: Silver
  • Color Family: Gray
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Quantity: 1
  • Workhorse, all-steel drag mat comes complete with drag bar and pull rope
  • Mesh material is 3/8" x .050 galvanized steel
  • Perfect for general grooming and maintenance