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PowerPull Tug-Of-War Ropes | Various Sizes Available | Comfy, Non-Slip Grip

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PowerPull tug of war ropes, with their patented design features, eliminate all rope burns, lacerations and slipping of hands.

  • Players get soft comfortable non-slipping grip.
  • The flexibility of movement enhances comfortably and creates a higher degree of versatility and strategy.
  • The 2" wide ultra-lightweight industrial webbing is designed for a pulling pressure of 10,000 lbs, and each pull station is designed for 5,000 lbs of pulling pressure per player.
  • Anchor pull-loops for total body balance of each player.
  • Two pull-loops for each player for total body balance in competition or players can use one pull-loop for each player in game play setting to have many players on each side.
  • Secured center marker in precise middle of pull-line for judging event.
  • Teamwork and cooperation very easy to teach.
  • Different color pull loops on each side for team identification.