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Small Slipp-Nott Traction System | 18" x 19"

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Before basketball players step onto the court, have them step on the Slipp-Nott® Basketball Traction Mat System for a sure grip on the hardwood. Players at all levels need traction if they want to shake a defender or drop into a stance and stay in front of the opposition. After stepping on the mat, ballers can fly up and down the court, stop on a dime and change directions quickly, as it rids the bottom of their shoes of slippery dust, dirt and wax buildups. Just lay the traction mat down at the end of the bench to give your team a leg up in their next game.

  • Traction system includes an 18 in. long x 19 in. wide base with 75 sheets
  • Players can walk on the pad to remove dust, dirt and wax buildup from the bottom of shoes, helping to prevent slipping and sliding out on the floor
  • Enables players to grip the floor better, so they can cut, stop and sprint
  • Used by professional, college and high school basketball programs
  • System uses two - six sheets, on average, for each game


  • Activity: Basketball
  • Brand: Slipp-Nott®
  • Product Length: 18 in. (base); 15 in. (sheets)
  • Product Type: Traction mat
  • Product Use/Compatibility: Removes dust and dirt from shoes
  • Product Width: 19 in. (base); 18 in. (sheets)


  • Used to remove dust, dirt and wax build-up from shoe soles
  • Simply walking on it improves traction and maneuverability
  • Typical game usage is 2-6 sheets
  • 18" x 19" base and (75) - 15" x 18" sheets