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Volleyball Pal Serve Trainer

SKU 1238785

The Volleyball Pal makes individual practice a breeze; so there is no more need for banging the ball against the house or door. A solo player is able to practice serving tosses and arm swing technique without the need for chasing the ball. Features an adjustable waist strap and a neoprene pouch that holds the ball with elastic connecting cord. The smooth action cord guides the ball back to the player. The Volleyball Pal is the perfect tool for practicing at home, for school, or activities center by yourself.

  • Hook and loop strap that secures around the waist.
  • A neoprene pouch that holds the Volleyball.
  • Elastic connecting cord.
  • Smooth action of the elastic cord guides the ball back to the player every time.
  • Use the Volleyball Pal to practice serving tosses or arm swing technique without ever having to chase a ball!