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Game Time: Rob the Nest

Game Time: Rob the Nest! All you'll need is four hoops and a bunch of basketballs.
Split your class into groups, each based at a hoop in a corner of the gym. Place the basketballs in a large cluster in the middle of the gym. On go, one student from each group runs and grabs a basketball, then proceeds to dribble back to their station and place the basketball in the hoop. Once the ball is in the hoop, the next student in line goes to grab a new basketball, and so on and so forth.
Once all of the basketballs are gone from the center of the gym, its time to Rob the Nest. Students run to the other hoops and dribble the basketballs back to their hoop. When Teacher blows the whistle, the team with the most balls wins!
Rob the Nest game
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