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Warmup Activity of the Week: Icebergs

This week's featured physical education warmup activity is called Icebergs, and its great for grades 3-6. All you'll need for this activity is about 5 mats spread out randomly throughout your gym. Once setup is complete, have your students spread out around the gym. 

To begin the activity, have your students jog around the gym in different directions. Make sure they are under control so nobody gets hurt. During this freeform jogging, there is no stepping on the mats!

After an interval between 30 seconds and a minute, you (teacher) call out a number and the students must fit onto a mat in a group of that number. For example, if the teacher calls out the number "3," students must fit onto the mats in groups of 3. After 10 seconds, the students who are not on a mat must do an exercise (e.g. pushups, situps, burpees, etc.). 

Start the class off with a couple of rounds to get the kids moving around and activating their brains. Its sure to be a hit!

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