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Football Down Indicator & Diagonal Chain Set by BSN Sports

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On both sides of the football, every yard matters. With this BSN SPORTS Indicator and Diagonal Chain Set showing fourth and inches, the quarterback will know whose hands to get the ball in, and the defenders will know where to focus their attacks. Players and coaches can easily see the diagonal three-color banners on the chain set and the large numbers on the pro-style down box, so they can quickly figure out the next play, from the huddle all the way to the end zone.

  • 10-yard galvanized steel chain stands up to rigorous use throughout the season
  • 8 ft. high chain set lets players know if they've made first down or have inches to go
  • Pro-style down box has 12.5 in. high numbers for easy readability from the sideline
  • Bull's-eye design and diagonal three-color banners for visibility on the field
  • Chain set is fully padded to protect players who run out of bounds or are tackled at the sideline


  • Brand: BSN SPORTS
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Product Height: 8 ft.
  • Quantity: 1


  • Fully padded, 8' high chain set with "Bulls-eye" design and diagonal 3-color high visibility banners
  • Pro-style down box with 12.5" numbers on a 2-piece pole  (7' H when assembled)
  • 10-yard galvanized steel chain